DawnClouds create spaces to empower people to embrace positivity.

My name is Colin.

I created DawnClouds to enable people to talk openly about their mental health. Click here to find out more about me.

About me

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“The power of social support, connection and catharsis cannot be underestimated – group work can be hugely effective in lifting the veil of stresses and anxiety. Becoming aware that these issues affect all of us from time is beneficial in normalizing these types of experience. Focusing on techniques and tools to counteract stress and anxiety and having a discourse about these issues is half the battle, when we can become comfortable with our stuff, we can become comfortable with ourselves.


DawnClouds focus on the positive aspects of our lives, and addressing the areas that cause us difficulty in a social / controlled setting is really positive evolution in the broader mental health discussion.”


Richard McDonagh BA. Hons. Counselling and Psychotherapy Dip. Psychology – Mental Health Support Affinity Partners with DawnClouds.



"Joining the group and attending it regularly has been a turning point in my life. I have been growing gradually ever since, and I say gradual in a really positive way as I feel real change takes time and lots of practice and this group has provided this for me. I always feel energised after attending a class. The group is open, supportive and enjoyable.

Colin is really passionate about helping other people with various challenges in their lives. From the first day I joined the group he made me feel welcome and respected. He is a really knowledgeable and intelligent guy with a great attitude towards challenges in life, he is the type of person that I want to be around. He has supported me in growing and encouraged me to take up new opportunities that have changed my life for the better. It is really refreshing to be around people who are brave enough to be open. I cannot recommend him enough as a facilitator and as a person in general" - Alan

"I have always struggled with public speaking and making presentations. Since joining classes hosted by Colin, the practical advice and support has given me the confidence to overcome my fears" - Peter

"This group has been so beneficial to me. Even in aspects of my life I didn’t think it would. It has given me confidence and a good basis to build from! It has also been beneficial to know that others feel the same and the groups really try to help each other. I would highly suggest it to anyone - you won’t regret it!" - Olly

"I've been attending classes facilitated by Colin for the last 3 years. His humble approach makes people comfortable, creating a relaxing and fun atmosphere. It has changed my life with regard to anxiety and confidence and I would definitely recommend it" - Clive